What is it like to work with National Audio Visual?

What is it like to work with National Audio Visual?

Hiring National Audio Visual means the price quote you get is the final price. No commissions are paid, and no service charges are added to your bill.

Even better - You don’t need to know any technical terms, brands, or new trends in audio-visual. We help you plan the A/V portion of your event.

As your advocate, we make take the confusing part of your conference and make it simple. That’s our job as your A/V Consultant.

We build “Show Memory”. It’s a term we use to explain that after we work with you once, we have built a quality relationship with you. We know your staff, your conference flow, your attendees and your brand. We can repeat your event anywhere in the country with less work, less stress, and less hassle. You don’t have to start from scratch at every new location with the hotel in-house A/V team.

Quality equipment. We travel the country working with our clients…A/V is our passion! We are constantly exploring and purchasing the newest, and best quality technology, to make your event the best it can be.